Interview with Dr Wayne Todd

Practitioner-Wayne-ToddDr Wayne Todd is a passionate and successful chiropractor based in Sale, Victoria, Australia.  Together with his wife, Dr Angela Todd he runs 9 practices in Victoria and with another business partner they run a chain of clinics in Queensland as well.  Wayne chats about how he built his own successful practice and gives new and older chiropractors some great tips of getting going and keeping the passion for practice alive.

Dr Todd is also the author of a new book on treating sympathetic dominance in practice.  With his background in neurology and many years of practice experience it’s sure to be a great read.  You can download the first chapter for free here.

Your Practice Breakthrough Formula

Practice PartsIn this episode of practiceDNA we review a great way looking at your practice as devised by Dean Jackson of  We look at how you should see you practice as 3 separate parts, each with their own unique role within the business.  Those parts can be further broken down to ensure you create a practice that is easy, lucrative and fun for you as well as creating great experiences and outcomes for your patients. Continue reading Your Practice Breakthrough Formula…

Creating a Happy Fulfilling Practice

business systems, in your practiceCreating a great practice is every practitioner’s dream.  Everyone has their own ideas about what an ideal practice is, but from a business point of view you need to create a practice that delivers a great customer experience consistently.  The key to this is systems and procedures.

But rather than being the boring and tedious subject that it sounds like, business systems can produce customer happiness, relaxed staff and freedom for you.  In this episode we discuss what systems are, how to create them, how they will benefit your practice as well as reveal great resources to learn more.  Take a listen now.

Continue reading Creating a Happy Fulfilling Practice…

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