Generating New Patients Through Google Adwords – The Definitive Guide

google-adwords-bannerIn this episode, your host Matthew Holmes gives a detailed overview of Google Adwords and the things you need to consider when using it to advertise your practice.  In a break from our usual format the full transcript is available below.

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Welcome to the practicedna Podcast where we interview leaders in the chiropractic profession about what excites them and what has helped make their practice great. Practicedna is brought to you by Clear Health Media your source for automated solutions for ethically patient generation, patient retention and increasing your practice revenue, visit that teaches you how to setup, build and run your own practice.

Hi Matthew Holmes here with another episode of Practice DNA. Today we are going to break from our usual format of interviewing another chiropractor and getting their feedback because I am just going to do a quickly run through a little bit about Google Adwords and Adwords advertising because that has come up a little bit recently with various practitioners that I have been speaking to and there seems to be quite a bit misconceptions amongst chiropractors about what they can achieve and how it works and so forth. Continue reading Generating New Patients Through Google Adwords – The Definitive Guide…

Your Practice Breakthrough Formula

Practice PartsIn this episode of practiceDNA we review a great way looking at your practice as devised by Dean Jackson of  We look at how you should see you practice as 3 separate parts, each with their own unique role within the business.  Those parts can be further broken down to ensure you create a practice that is easy, lucrative and fun for you as well as creating great experiences and outcomes for your patients. Continue reading Your Practice Breakthrough Formula…

How Healthy is Your Practice?

Measuring your practice's growth is vitalAs practitioners we encourage our patients to take regular health checkups, and hopefully do the same for ourselves, but how often do we take the time to do a check up on the health of our practice?  It need not be as difficult as it sounds.  With 3 just numbers from your practice and 3 simple calculations you can do a health check on your practice.

In this episode we discuss exactly how to go about doing a checkup on your practice, giving you the steps and what the numbers can mean for you.  Take a listen now.

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Your Practice Business Plan

Your Practice Business PlanBusiness plans can either be an asset or a liability.  Often times the figures contained in the plan are little more than guesswork and in the dynamic world of a new practice startup circumstances can often change rendering the plan obsolete. However if you are applying for funding your lender will require you to have one.  In this episode we look in detail at a business plans providing real world examples.  Subscribers also get access to the sample documents.

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Start Up Cash – Making Best Use of Your Start Up Capital

All businesses have one thing in common – they need cash!  Healthcare practices are no different.  You need capital on hand to buy the equipment you need to start your practice, and you’ll need money to keep things going while you build your patient base.  In this episode of practiceDNA we look at the different ways you can fund your practice as you are starting out.  We then discuss the best way to put the money to work in your business.  Listen to the episode to discover more.

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Choose Your Practice’s Focus

Target patient groupsIf you have decided to start your own practice, you may be tempted to run off and start looking for premises, designing logos etc. At that point though it pays to stop and spend some time planning your business.  One of the first things you need to do is decide do you want a general practice, or are you going to focus on a particular patient group or disorder?  This can guide many of the decisions that you need to make such as practice location, marketing and business name.  Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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8 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Start Your Own Practice

Choosing Yes or No About Starting Your Practice

Starting your own practice isn’t something to be entered into lightly.  And while we are all for people starting a business (that’s the whole point of this podcast!), we hate to see people trapped by a decision that they have discovered wasn’t right for them.  In this episode we discuss some of the challenges you’ll face and things you’ll have to learn if you start your own practice – just so you know what you’re getting yourself in for!

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