Poker, Practice and the Future of Chiropractic

twc_anthonycoxon1-210x210In this episode of practiceDNA we are super lucky to have Dr Anthony Coxon.  Dr Coxon is a chiropractor in private practice in Camberwell in Melbourne, as well as the current President of the Victorian Branch of the Chiropractors Association of Australia.

Anthony talks to us about the challenges that the chiropractic profession faces as well as the opportunities.  He gives some great tips for new graduates and more experienced chiropractors and share a great story about the chiropractor he worked with who went on to win $10 million at poker.


The BackChat podcast which Dr Coxon co-hosts with Dr Paul Bergamo

Interview with Dr Wayne Todd

Practitioner-Wayne-ToddDr Wayne Todd is a passionate and successful chiropractor based in Sale, Victoria, Australia.  Together with his wife, Dr Angela Todd he runs 9 practices in Victoria and with another business partner they run a chain of clinics in Queensland as well.  Wayne chats about how he built his own successful practice and gives new and older chiropractors some great tips of getting going and keeping the passion for practice alive.

Dr Todd is also the author of a new book on treating sympathetic dominance in practice.  With his background in neurology and many years of practice experience it’s sure to be a great read.  You can download the first chapter for free here.

Start Up Cash – Making Best Use of Your Start Up Capital

All businesses have one thing in common – they need cash!  Healthcare practices are no different.  You need capital on hand to buy the equipment you need to start your practice, and you’ll need money to keep things going while you build your patient base.  In this episode of practiceDNA we look at the different ways you can fund your practice as you are starting out.  We then discuss the best way to put the money to work in your business.  Listen to the episode to discover more.

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Employed or Self-employed? From both the employee and practice owner’s perspective.

Employed vs self-employed can be a difficult decision

In this first episode of practice DNA we give a quick overview of the show’s aim (to help you setup, build and run your own practice) and future topics we’re going to cover on the podcast.  We then look at self employed and employed status from both the employee and practice owner’s perspective, and discuss which is right for you.  Either listen now or download the podcast by right clicking and selecting “Save As” on the link below.

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