How To Take Your Message To A Wider Audience

Leandra_CosmohippyEver dreamed of publishing your own book and taking your healthcare message to a wider audience?  In this episode of practiceDNA we are privileged to interview Dr Leandra Brady-Walker, Chiropractor.  Leandra is a dynamic, motivated individual who created a very successful chiropractic practice with her husband in Darwin, Australia, before going on to publish two books.

Her brand Cosmopolitan Hippy, champions the concept that women can look fantastic and enjoy life without having to resort to unhealthy lifestyles, and things such a toxic cosmetics.  Her first book “Cosmopolitan Hippy” focuses on making a change to a healthier lifestyle a breeze.  Her second book “Eat Like a Cosmopolitan Hippy” gives practical advice on enjoying food while avoiding the things that will compromise your health.

Leandra gives us a lot of practical advice on defining your ideal practice, how to publish your own book and the importance of mindset and a support network just to name a few.  Enjoy!


Cosmopolitan Hippy website 

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